Peter Janson

posted February 10, 2007 by Michael O'Connell

Peter Janson, a good friend and phenomenal fingerstyle guitarist and composer, continues to be among the most popular plays on the Echoes radio program. His beautiful acoustic compositions comprising his album,”Beautiful Day” has won him critical acclaim and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album from the folks at the NAR Lifestyle Achievement Awards. Go to my links page for more on Peter.

Digital Downloads of HofM

posted January 11, 2007 by Michael O'Connell

Here is some information for those wishing to download the album or individual tunes rather than purchase the physical CD (with the usual caveat that the CD does, indeed, sound better). Available download sites include iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster; in fact, all the major download sites. This should include all the international equivalents of iTunes, i.e., Australia, Japan, UK and Europe, Canada. While I have not had the moment to visit and verify all these sites, I have contracted with them to appear. Some may take longer than others, so check them out. If you can’t find Heart of Matter on these sites I suggest you do on search on my name: Michael O’Connell. This usually will get you there.

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